Old Ghosts


Trouble me no more

old ghosts.

Go back to the time

that made you.

I’ve come a long way,

I know,

or at least I hope.


I’ve got a ways to go, too.

Scared that I’ll never

be prepared,

but that’s why

Faith is there.

I acted like I didn’t care,

but I swear,

that I still do.


Old ghosts.

Oh no,

I won’t spend a minute

looking backwards.

Taking stock of all my fear.

These moments

are always so awkward.


Here I am

about to close the door

and step through the next one,

I’ve never wanted more

than to say

I never would have made it

this far

without some of

these apparitions,

and these scars.


Old ghosts;

it’s time to say good-bye.

Have a good…

whatever happens after life.

Old ghosts,

old friends.

I made a promise to them,

that I would never bend

and find myself

looking backwards.



HG – 2021

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