Long Ago and Far Away


This one is for you.

Leave the past

in the past,

they said,

but I could not forget.

Even when I tried,

drank until I cried

and then sobered up again.


Bright lights

burn my eyes.

In the morning light,

I realize that time

has cauterized

old wounds,

but it feels too soon.


Maybe I

got used

to being blind.


by the pain

that I saw in your eyes.

 I always wondered

if it was the same

you saw

in mine?



yesterdays are nothing,

but dust,

or ash,

or smoke.

We used to joke,

but now,

the laughter

ain’t as loud.

I climbed a high tree

and looked around

and you were nowhere

to be found.


I’m gonna move on, now.

Glad I had a chance

to find you out.

Maybe tomorrow

I’ll hit the road,

but today

I’m too hungover

to look forward.


Stuck in the same old place.

Same old bar,

no escape.

No more lies

I can say;

that you’d believe



is easy to say

from long ago

and far away.



HG – 2021

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