Hollow Earth


One mistake,

one thing goes wrong,

and you break,

and you’re gone.


I’m doing my best

to hold you back

from total



You seem so great,

you seem so strong,

and then one little thing

goes wrong,

and I see the cracks

start to show in your façade,

and I watch you

fall apart.


I wish you could see

how good you are

from the outside,

from another

point of view.


Maybe more than a shell

destroying yourself,

giving a little more

depth to you.


I’m not sure what took

all that you had,

leaving just a shell

that breaks when it’s sad.

Isn’t the point of life

to fill yourself up

with things that are good?

I really wish you would.


You don’t have to be


and fragile.

You’re much more

then you give yourself

credit for.


You don’t have to be

so empty.

Let life fill you up.

You deserve good things,

rather than being hollow.



HG – 2021

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