Reaching the edge again.

There is no further we can go

and where we are

is wearing thin,

it will not keep us forever.

Not by any fault of our own,

or maybe we could have done

more in hindsight,

but we’d only be

postponing the inevitable.


Look out into this infinity

and tell me


you think we should go.

Any direction

might yield a place

where we could live and grow.

There are literally millions

of exoplanets

if we believe

the men with telescopes.

As the ground

beneath us


here we go.


Reality is not what we were sold.

The stories described something

that we’ve never known.

Things changed

at such a crazy rate.

I never thought

we might be too late.


Out here

in the nowhere.

Searching for our new home.

Isn’t it beautiful

to be in the unknown?

So far from where we were,

so far to go.

Every new sight we see

is beautiful.


We’re over the edge.

Long gone, now.

No past to go back to.

No up,

or down.

Just set our sights,

so far out,

praying we find

we’re homeward bound.


Anything’s possible

in this impossible




HG – 2021

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