not what I thought you were.

Changing the pitch on me,

our sight,

a view of the horizon.


Every little thing you did,

an input

that I took

and made a change in me.

Was it my mistake

to ever take the yoke

and try to fly away?


There you go,

changing again.

From offence,

to defense on a  whim.

We’re riding a tailwind.

I think we’re gonna be there

sooner than we planned.



nothing made

could ever break you.

You occupy that seat

beside me

and let me know

that everything

outside your window

looks so small from up here.


We’re coming in.

I hope that you’re prepared.

Touch down

on the ground,

and we’ll set off from there,

onto our next adventure.



I wouldn’t have you

any other way.



HG – 2021

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