I’m walking away

from everything I’ve ever known.

Breaking every rule

that I thought made up the world

Severing my attentions,

my affections,

and my reasons to exist.


Never thought

that we

would make it here.

I don’t think the world is made

for people like us.

I think we find ourselves

by losing everything

we ever loved.


What is the weight

of one soul,

of one mind

to the universe?


What is the eye

to the billions of stars

in the sky?


Where would we look,

if we could see

without time?


I have no more

reasons to stay here,

so this is good-bye.




Not a care,

or a clamor,

just one

deep breath




its hold.


If anyone needs me

I’ll be in the sky.



HG – 2021

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