The Wounded


Put away

all your expectations.

Living here

isn’t going to be

what you thought,

and rarely

what you wanted.

Just try to abide



No doubt

you’ll encounter


They take the form

of those we’d like

to know

Hopes and dreams

are fertile soil

for disappointment.

You’ll dig them up

more than

you’ll ever grow.


Waiting at the gates,

campaigning for the wounded.

Flowers in the spring

pass on the sun’s light hand.

The withering gaze

of another day

behind us.

Taking in the world

from where we stand.


It’s like

knowing the dream

before you’re sleeping.

Knowing what door

our minds will venture through.

State your aim,

be plain,

and work with passion.


that next thing

in front of you,

is no small thing

to do.



HG – 2021

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