Faerie Dust


Amaze me

with the way

you live your life.


the way you elevate

everyone around you

to your level,

like conjuring

the thoughts

that make us fly.


How did you know

that we were never

meant to grow

up into

what we are?

We were led astray.

The words,

we speak

are magic

and we don’t

know what we believe.


They called you crazy

for watching the stars,

reaching out far

enough to claim them.

Who put the light

in your eyes?

Who taught you

how to fight?

Is it just as easy

as ceasing

to live a lie?


I’m watching you

chasing your shadow,

sparring with swords,

walking on words,

and I

have no explanation

for you.

Show me the way

to the place

we exist

outside of this

make-believe truth.


I am a fool

to live

any other way

than one

that sets me free.

I’m watching you

from my window,

dancing with the moon,

floating on the breeze.

Please teach me

how to be

alive again.

Show me

how we

can fly away.



HG – 2021

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