Planet Killer


Prepare for me

that soft landing place.

I’m coming in hot,

too hot to stop it, now.

Listen to me,

can’t you hear me screaming?

It’s so loud

inside my head.


Reach out,

as if to catch me.

I keep trying to tell you

I’ll burn you up.

One touch

and you’ll be ashes,

just like so many

times before

I have done.


Smash through your atmosphere,

blazing as I rip across your sky.

I hear it’s a beautiful blue

to your eyes,

but I

am bent on such destruction.

I’m trying to tell you why,

I’m an impossible companion,

I’m a planet killer,

come to say, good-bye.


Imagine my surprise

when I see you

reaching out to me

with open arms.

Eyes full of something

not unlike wonder,


even though I mean you harm.


Then I land,

no fire,

no explosion.

Cradled in with you,

and you’re unscathed.


soft and clean,

and the beauty of your face

soothes my pain.


Here I am, now.

There you are.

Neither one of us

meant to make it this far.


this kind of apocalypse,

is rare,

and rarer still

way out in the stars.



HG – 2021

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