Monday Morning Fight


Wake up

stone dead.

Another apostle

of the indifferent dark.


a receding dream,

but it looked so real.


Funny how yesterday

always gets remembered

without the pain.

We don’t catalogue injury,

that’s why we go back to it.


Play my cards,

like an old, great game.

Put them in my spokes

to give my inner child a way

to smile through the night

and gird me through the day.


It isn’t enough

to be tough anymore;

you’ve got to know your pain.


Sit up,

half dead,

head in my hands again,

plans up in smoke again,

but my mind is clear.

The weight may be heavy,

but the wait ain’t very long.


These days

are running through my hands

like water from the pond.

Burned a whole life away,

still have some to go,

my mind’s alive

with things I don’t want to know.


Stand up.

Look around

and make a move.

There’s no time

to sit around

taking in the view.


It’s not your life


people depend on you.

Just a stone’s throw

from the grave,

I know,

but I’ve still got a lot to do.


What about you?



HG – 2021

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