Inspiration Addict


As soon as it arrives,

it’s gone.

That’s the way of time

and moments of inspiration.


Things that transform us

are seldom indigenous

to our reality,

they reach out through the veil

to touch us, unexpected.


Far too often,

we reject the thought,

and carry on oblivious.


Some might even say

they are cursed with inspiration,

so many messages

from the other place,

it’s akin to being haunted.


I don’t know where I find it,

or where it comes from.

I try my best not to think,

my job is to write it.


There it is,

but now,

it’s gone.

So much for inspiration.


Now, it’s time to drag the waters,


to snags and aberrations,


that when you’re on the sea,

you risk bringing up monsters.



to find a little piece

of that inspiration.

Suffer like an addict

with your pen,

as if it were a needle.


Here it comes,

and there it goes, again.

Such a cruel

and vicious cycle.

Why would anyone choose this?



HG – 2021

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