It has been a long time

that I’ve been sitting here,

thinking about you.

There are things

that I can’t

wrap my mind around,

and you elude me

all the time.


I wonder at the

confluence of events

that made you,

not just in your life,

but in the universe.

The odds of this reality

creating someone like you

are astronomical;

you’re so unlikely.


Never mind arranging

all your atoms

in the right place.

All those amino acids,


and chemical reactions

that make you,



Coupled with the fact

that we can travel


but don’t understand


it’s amazing

that you are here at all,

and you’re so smart,

funny and strangely beautiful.


I think it might

even be fair to say

that you are a miracle.

So rare,

and odd,

and precious.

An inexplicable being,

and here you are,

in real life.


Then, I get to wondering,

if all things are equal,

and I hate to hope

if rationality excludes,

but if you are,

a miracle,

then maybe

I could be

a miracle, too.



HG – 2021

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