Big League


Seeing as how

this didn’t go as planned,

I’m watching it play out

trying to understand.

You and I are just players

and this is just a game,

but if so,

why is it serious?

It seems so much is at stake.


You circle in on me.

I circle in on you.

We make our moves

and contribute

to the agonizing

conflict we abhor.

I wonder if it’s just a case

of which one of us wants it more?


The questions set in;

what do we get if we win?

Will there be anything,

or just a pile of ash

and our chagrin?

Who’s going to want it then?


Maybe it would make more sense

to think this game is rigged,

merely a distraction

from the important things.

You and I in conflict

means we’re not watching the score,

we’re too busy playing,

thinking each one wants it more.


Meanwhile, there’s someone

who’s already got the prize,

but we never see it,

we’re too blinded by our lives.

We all wish we were

playing in the big game,

we know the players,

faces, stats and names.


What if it were for nothing,

wouldn’t that be such a shame?

Some of us know that it is,

but we still play.

Can’t see another way,

but it does mean we can change

how we choose to play the game.



HG – 2021

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