Life Seeker


Let it find you.

Don’t hide.

Don’t run.

Be present.

Be intention.

Standing outside

exposed you to the cold.

Come in.


It’s time that you should know.

You’re the only one

of you

we’ll ever see.

When you go

we are left

lesser and weak.


You’ve been hiding

down inside your skin.

It’s time to step out

of yourself

and let your life



It’s never too late;

time doesn’t care,

at all.

We’re waiting for you

to grow from being small,

to filling up

the universe

with you.

It’s all that matters

in this interlude.


We are brief in time,

so we must burn so bright

to be counted

amongst the stars

at night.

It’s seeking you;

the purpose of your life.


Hold still,


then open up your eyes.

Time to let the world

know you’re alive.



HG – 2021

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