Last Chapter


This is what you asked for,



Though you never thought

that is would come this way.


the hardest thing about praying,

is getting what you wanted.


From suffering,

to knowledge of suffering.

From ignorance,

to an illuminated mind.

From loneliness,

to unbreakable bonds.

We seek to escape Hell,

but then we bring Hell with us;

the comfort of the familiar.


We never know

what lies beyond that next dawn,

over the next hill,

or how that next wave will break.

We see a future,

different from today,

and we hope and pray

that we might influence it

a little in our favor.



Suffering and disappointment

are half the spaces

on the roulette wheel.

We give it a spin,

hold our breath,

and even if we’ve done our best,

the numbers come up

as they may.


We are all afraid,

of the bad news,

or the disappointing performance.

Every word

reads like the last page

of the final chapter.


we are not written in

to be written out

of this story

so quickly.


Look for the lessons.

Look for the chance

to be humble

and to learn.

If you are not alone,

be strong for someone else.

Step forward,

for change is just a circumstance,

and the first step

is how every adventure begins.


If we are lucky,

we will change many times

before that final chapter comes.

So, when the winds blow

and the hill is crested

and we look out over our new day

with a changed perspective;

step forward

into a new adventure.



HG – 2021

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