Dopamine Dream


Here I am

in my perfect cage.

Staring out of windows

that have turned to mirrors

in the darkness.

Reflections of my life,

instead of reality.


Been inside

for a long time, now.

Abbreviated slave,

maybe I was always this way.

I ask myself

questions of where I’ve been

and what I’ve done,

and the answers come back;

“Nowhere” and “Nothing”.


I remember you,

but maybe you were

just a nothing, too.

Crazy infatuation

of an incarcerated mind,

but something about that

reads false to me.


I remember being free,

riding a dopamine dream.

You and me,

whatever we wanted,

no problems,

or maybe problems



I can’t remember,

but I know,

and I bet you do, too.

It was better

than this

shit they have put us through.


My cage is as comfortable

as my keepers allow.

I’m thinking about breaking out.

I think you’d come with me.

Don’t you want to be

free as our memories?


Let’s go,

you follow

and I’ll lead.

We’re breaking out.

I can already feel the dopamine.



HG – 2021

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