Drawing me in,

and I know

it caught you, too.

Something unique about it,

almost special,

I remember it like magic.


Set and setting,

truth and consequence.

We were scene

and subject

in a place

that rests on postcards.


Being of

and not a visitor to,

imbues one with a sense

of alienation.

In the other worlds,

we are but tourists.

Home will always cling to us,

like childhood memories.


How to explain

the transformation,

without losing

the touch of wonder?

Not sure it can be done,

but the days seem longer

and the nights,

full of the cosmos.


Perhaps we came

from a place

where the barrier wears thin

and interactions

between there are here

are possible.


We left more than just

a part of us

in that valley,

that place,

that state of mind.


I don’t think we ever grew up,

quite completely,

because in those mountains

we remain children.

Ringed around

by ancient sentinels,





Strange creatures

in a wide world

we call “Home”.

A place of transitions;

Earth to sky,

plains to sea,

life to death.



is a nexus

with the other.

Never could another place

capture our souls,

for they cling to the mountains.



HG – 2021

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