Going In



what you accuse me of.

Don’t make me innocent.

Can’t come back from the edge,

we’re already falling.

Maybe just try to enjoy the view

before we go in.


I hope we’re survivors.

Gone through

something like this


but rising.


Turns out you can

kiss the Sun,

embrace the stars,

and live;

if you can call

that aftermath



One more descent

steep as this

has me questioning

your life choices.

I’ve already made

my own,

but I know I can change

direction and impact.


And then I see you

go in

a moment ahead of me.

Locking your eyes with mine,

I can see that you’re smiling.

You weren’t really trying

to drag me down;

you just didn’t want

to hit the ground



Welcome home.

Here I am,

going in right beside you,

and I’m hoping

that we could be




HG – 2021

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