An Impossible Bridge


Waiting for the words.

I know they’ll come to me,

so I sit patiently,


and asking for more,

for anything,

but emptiness.


Cover me

with your love.

You did,

one rainy day.

Touched me,

held me,

fit me perfectly,

better than I fit myself.



an impossible bridge

between two lost minds,


in their own time and space.

Isolation sickness

taking over,


a connection’s made.


Is there anything more important

in this world

than embracing reality

and having reality

embrace you in return?


Wish I could say

how I feel now,

but words

are an impoverished wave.

We don’t owe anyone


but time reveals

all those prices paid.


Two beams of light

come together,

sharing their journey

through the cosmos.

On some

far distant sphere,

they will be starlight,

that shines

when someone

needs it most.



and flow,

but never receding.


and love,




HG – 2021

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