Remembering a Dream


Was it a dream?

Parts of it linger like a memory,

while others touch like smoke,

barely there at all.


This seems to grow as I go on.

A childhood place,

empty of people,

but maybe you and I.


If I can find you,

you might be my alibi.

We can cover for each other,

but do you remember

the color of the sky?


I think I remember your eyes,

your hair,

your lips,

but maybe I imagined it.


Something from nothing,

walking like a somnambulist.

Dreaming awake,

maybe an escape artist.

But why you?

And why me?


This is just a dream.

Wake up

and all of it will cease to be.


Were we something


for a moment,

or just an echo

of the real thing?



HG – 2021

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