Low Voltage Pulses


Reach out

and touch your skin.

My fingers

tell me you’re there.

Sensations coming through

nerves and receptors,


low voltage pulses

up to my brain,

and I feel you,

even if

I can’t see you.


Here in the dark,

the only light we mark

our days in this room with

is the one in your phone.

Now that you’re gone,

the dark has come along.

Long nights

and the only light I see

is just like the light

from before.


Soft, blue glow.

Walk to and fro.

I see you in my mind’s eye.

Reach out as if to touch you,

but I know

you are gone.


Imagine my surprise

when I feel

low voltage pulses

from my fingertips

to my brain

telling me

that you’re here,

and that I

am not alone in the dark,


ghost lights in the hall.


No explanation needed.

I ask for no answers.

Just take it in;

the sensation

of you

and I

in the darkness,

lit by soft, blue light.



HG – 2021

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