Judge in a Yellow Dress


“So, you think that the weather’s

gonna change to suit your mood?

Maybe the ground’ll just open up

and swallow all your problems?

Is that what you think?

Boy, you’ve got a lot of nerve

thinking that this world owes you somethin’.

Truth be told,

you owe the world,

and you don’t even know how much you owe, yet.”


Her eyes bore into me,

like a dentist’s drill,

seeking to excise

that selfish part of me.


I’m back in the car

and driving,

before I sneak a glance

into the rear view mirror.


There she is,

standing on the porch,

arms crossed over her chest,

and her yellow dress

bright in the summer sun.

Despite the growing distance,

her eyes still find mine.

Even as I accelerate,

I know she sees me;

she sees my soul.



HG – 2021

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