Danger Signs


It was danger

that brought you here.

You feared the fire,

or the pain.

We run when we are chased,

it’s not something we can change.


Here you are

in this place.

Maybe made a pretty face

out of what was your disgrace,

but fate

did not end its plans for you here.


Look around,

there’s so much space,

too many shadows to illuminate.

Can’t keep away the thing

that brought you everything;

can’t make your fear a stranger.


These painted walls

might lock you in,

until it’s time to run again.

What have you done,

between risings of the Sun

to change how you were then?


Did you become stronger,

or weaker,

or wiser?

Fall to the bottle,

the smoke,

or the powder?

Did family uplift you,

or just make things harder?

are you free,

or are you burdened down?


On that day,

when danger comes,

will you act,

or be frightened numb?

Have you spent

one minute

of this peaceful life

with a thought

to protect it,

or is life gonna cut you down?



HG – 2021

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