Trying to get

that bad taste

out of my mouth.

Spit and rinse,

rinse and spit;

it persists,

like an oil slick.

Sticks to me

like the stink

of cowardice,

shame and the stain

of being an accomplice.


Standing my ground,

building boundaries

around my amenities,

was never my strong suit.

Aim to please,

avoid confrontation,

displease no one.

These were the wounds

that I was given

when I was a child.

so meek and mild,

defiled with smiles,

and ire in exile.


There is no reason

to carry on

with this charade.

Serenade the dawn

and strip off

an old skin,

jump in the ocean

and float away.

Awake in a new place

on a new day

and escape.

Face the fear,

vision clear

for the first time,

in the worst way;

closure and clarity.



HG – 2021

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