Generation Stupid

From the archives.
Has the world changed much?

Hokus Grey

The sins of the father

are visited upon the son

and the daughter

and I’m not sure it matters.

I see a lot of finger pointing,

chest thumping,

sabre rattling,

with little conviction

and no real bloodlust,

aside from the occasional

unbalanced whack-job.


I thought this

was supposed to be The Revolution?

Maybe instead,

it is time

for the Uprising of The Whack-Jobs.

Where the hero is the fool

and the fool the hero.

When the child rejects

suckling at its mother’s tit

and yearns for sugary beverages,

infused with synthetic pig bile

and enough caffeine to jack up an army.


Eyes drawn down,

transfixed by handheld oracles

divulging sole sourced factoids.

Eye of Horus winks playfully;

talismans that seek to capture

wailing monsters

and drifting demonic spirits.

Catch the ghost!

Catch the fire!

Feel the Bern!

Gotta catch ’em all

and make this place great again!


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