Wind Chimes


I could have given in to you

in a second.

So quickly, I

wouldn’t have been even aware

that something changed.

Just a wind chime

in the distance

and you’d be there.


On my dark road

there are so many sounds around me.

Something’s in the bushes,

and I am walking blind

beneath a moonless sky,

feeling more like prey than I have ever known.


Somehow, I survived this.

Called your name

and you came,

never spoke of it again.

Just wind chimes in the night

and here I am.


I wake up one day,

twenty years have passed away,

and I’m leaning on a door frame,

looking at the dark again,

and I’m not sure that I can face the day.

The feeling of fear crawls over my skin,

and before I can even think of you,

I hear those wind chimes again,

carrying me through.


How do I know that this is even real?

I don’t,

but I can know what I feel.

This world turns on and on,

both hands on the wheel.

We try to guide ourselves,

but we deny ourselves

so much that we need,

because we don’t think we can believe.


As if what we believe

can make things true.

What has brought me through

was real long before me and you.

I sit and wait

on the coming of some new fear,

and as the darkness parts,

it becomes clear;

I haven’t spoken your name in years.

As soon as I think,

I hear

those wind chimes ringing in my ears.



HG – 2021

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