Seasonal Oppression


Sheet of black,

to deeper, grey haze.

Stoke the fire,


and burn the cold.


Summer somewhere,

but here,

a weak heartbeat.

Life hibernates

in solitude.


Harden the heart further.

Freeze the flesh in minutes.

Takes away the breath,

like a kick to the gut,

or news

of a dying lover.


Drags out for months;

a persistent, clean sickness.

Fear in the words, now,

not only touching the eyes,

but a trembling hand,

a quivering lip,

and a stammering tongue.


Can a body forget to breathe?


the heart cannot beat.


 the eyes glaze over,

and the skin turns red,

then blue,

then waxy yellow.


Venture into this land

at your peril.



HG – 2021

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