The Leech


Laying quietly beside you,

whisper in your ear.

Tell you there are angels out there,

demons you should fear.

With my words

I will assuage

the pain that draws your tears,

lifting the infection from you

that darkens your years.


Attach myself to your spine.

Drink your distemper

like wine.

Tell you everything

is gonna be alright.

Parasite of constant sorrow,

borrowing your pain and rage.

Tell you there will be tomorrow

just to get you through today.


We make such strange enemies

in these awful times,

but the friends we keep closest

can be the reason we expire.

I am here to hold you,

on your shoulder I’ll retire,

to tell you what you need to hear

to keep myself alive;

and amused.


I don’t really need you.

I’m just bored of all of this,


bullshit existence.

So, I’ll just take what I want

from you.

Oh, now don’t you look so confused.



HG – 2021

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