Running a Red Light


I see the change coming

up ahead.

I called it from the start.

Abject judgement

and sentencing

for all my past misdeeds.


As if all my crimes

have now caught up with me

and I have a choice to make;

stay and wallow in my guilt,

or keep going through this?


Would it be so bad

to sit and reflect?

Linger on the past

just a moment

and appreciate

the road ahead,

the path,

now clear.


Doesn’t it feel safe,

to give up

and start playing by the rules?

My past behind me,

chases me,

like a charging lion,

and my path in front of me

is not guaranteed one moment.


Stopping now

might mean

never starting again.

I feel the hands of darkness

clutching at me

from my shadow,

as I race towards the Sun.

I’m not dwelling on who I was,

or banking on what I’ve done.


This is a madness,

born of pure momentum.

As the path

narrows here

down to a keyhole,


to the eye of a needle;

I pick up speed.


Only in this moment

will I be deemed worthy.

It’s as if,

in some strange convergence,

my past and future are met the same.

As I cross the line,

I experience

all that I have been,

and all I could become.


In that one instant,

what happens after doesn’t matter.

The choice is made.

I’m done wondering.

This is the play.



HG – 2021

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