Requiem for the Free


Tear a little piece of me away.

I could give in all day.

Do what requires so little of me.

I’m quite at peace with my disease.


Strip my clothes

and peel my skin.

Have your way with me again.

There is nothing I would do

to ever want to stop you.


As long as I am fed

and watered in my special bed,

with stimulus fed through the tubes,

I’ll allow you to intrude.


Just feed my eyes

and wet my lips.

Keep me safe within your grip.

Tell me how the others fare,

that made their choice to live out there.


Where chaos and violence reigns,

and strength and virtue win the day.

Let me know that I am safe

as you whittle me away.


Just let me sleep and play my games,

indulge in gossip,

covet fame,

and wealth that I will never gain,

under the blanket you have made.


So I might never fear, or stray,

you take the dangerous world away,

and devour me down to my bones,

until you’re feasting on my soul.

And I will never wonder why,

some choose to live, so they may die.



HG – 2021

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