Waking up Mad


Only in this new world

could we be



first thing in the morning.

Not even clothed,

ire exposed,

and on a warpath

without warning.


Slow us down,

a little bit.

Oh Lord, we’re getting close

to never being



Family and friends,

fraying at the ends.

We wake up wild,

halfway around the bend.


Each distraction takes us

far from the place we made,

and breaks us.

We never take the time

to see what makes us,

so angry,

so early,

and know

we’re being controlled.


So easily manipulated.


again and again.

The cycle of abuse

wears thin.

It never ends,

but where did it begin?


Tracing the line back

to where we first felt something,

now we suffer

over nothing,

but a soft light

held in our hands.


Our cyborg minds,

too young to understand,

but man,

do we need to wake up angry,

just for them?

We read,

but seldom comprehend.

Maybe that’s all part of the plan.


That’s it.

No more social media before breakfast.



HG – 2021

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