January Cold


Midwinter ain’t the same

as it was last year.

The cold came later,

but the Sun stayed on.


all kinds of changes,

but there’s only a few

important ones.


Asked myself,

why do I keep on climbing higher?

Used to get high,

until I found the valley low.

I keep telling myself

the air is cleaner up here,

and I feel

the mountains in my bones.


Nothing’s much the same

as it was

when we were young.

That’s a shame,

but we can’t turn back time.

Something still remains

of that feeling

we had then,

and we’re gonna do our best

to keep it alive.


The city chokes me out,

the dirt roads call me home,

and that horizon line

is peaked all white with snow.

Took a long time

for me to figure out

which way to go,

and I’d be lying

if I said there weren’t days

I still don’t know.


It’s not about who we were,

and hasn’t been, now

for a while,

and every day

less about who we are.

I feel some comfort

from that January cold,

and those Rockies

I still call home

are not that far.



HG – 2021

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