The Kiss & The Bite


Old habits die hard,

but they die.

Oh, yes,

they die.

Kiss them good-bye,

then turn around

and walk away.

Hear the band play

the music of your life.


It’s all come down to this.

What better waste

than to sit and reminisce.

Softly touches the hand

that holds you back.

Graceful are the fingers

that gouge out your eyes,

and merciful,

the arm across your throat.

No better time to go.


Never had a thing to lose,

so what did it matter to choose

the dark over the light.

The kiss and the bite

both drew blood in the end.

What matters now,

didn’t exist then.


Watch the stars die,

but know that energy

only changes form.

That dark space in the sky

is the place

new stars are born.

The words

you’re reading now

didn’t exist before.



HG – 2021

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