Breaking Angels


Passed by an open door,

that stood apart

from all the others

on the street.

Something inside

bid me to come in.

I can’t say

what drew me away,

be it good sense,

or bad fortune,

but I continued on my way.


I learned later on in life

of the existence

of fragile angels.

A species that seeks connection,

and comfort,

with the lonely and unsuspecting.

They leave open a door,

or a window,

and lure us from within.

But in their kinship with our kind,

we break them;

snap their wings,

so they cannot return

to Heaven.


Stuck down here,

they wither away to nothing,

and cease to be beings of light.

I’ve never been one

for breaking angels.

I seek to be so careful

of who I meet in kind.

Even though

I’ve known their desire

to be with us,

I won’t be the one

to take their life.


This world

is full

of fragile angels,

things that shine brightly

and catch our eye,

but they are not meant

for this world,

they’re for the next one,

glimpses of what’s after life.



HG – 2021

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