A Step Towards Heaven


This could be one

of so many things

that change you,

that make you

look around

and see things

in a way you’ve never seen them



Coming up

from being down.

reaching out

from being all inside.

We all hide,

we all cower,

in the presence

of the power

of something amazing.


Let the scales fall from your eyes.

Don’t be surprised

by your weakness,

by your vulnerability,

by the strength

you find


when you realize you’re alive.


The past

is nothing,

but time.

Hide your head,

until you can look up again.

There is no shame,

only games,

and the name

of the perfect enemy

often sounds just like your own.



from all the shit

you found comfort in.



the life within.


the right

from the wrong you’ve been.

You can be anything.

You are everything.



and fight,

and die again.


and choose

your offering.


the blood

that made you.

You are a part

of everything

that created you.

Heaven is one step away.



HG – 2021

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