Burn Scars


Conscious of how all this is.

Never asked you for a moment,

but it seems that what this is,

is going to take time to find expression.

Prayed that I would not disappoint you.


Playing with fire

in your match stick house.

You were ever wondrous,

how you did not burn it down.


I have found

in my life

nothing more curious;

then I see you

twenty years from now,

burn scars all over your face.


You say you knew that it’d

catch up with you one day.

No one is immune

to their own tempted fate.


I hate to be the one to tell you,

you’re doing it again, my friend,

though this time on a grander scale,

and it’s gonna burn us all,

whatever you intend.


There are certain laws in this land.

Some cannot be broken out of hand.

You’re standing in a lake of gas

and we’re up to our ass.

In the longest moment I’ve seen pass,

you pull out a match.



HG – 2021

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