Break the Sky


I’m coming in hot.


I’m gonna burn through your atmosphere.

I’ll be the brightest thing you’ve ever seen.

My light is going to cook corneas.


I’d be the second coming,

but I’ve never been.

I’m the answer to your question;

I am the end of the world.


In the blink of an eye,

all you know is gone away.

Terminating my path,

with all the speed I can.


As I break the sky,

I can see this beautiful place,

but my trajectory

was plotted a million years ago.


Before I smash these mountains,

turn these forests to ash,

boil these wide oceans,

the only thing I ask,

is did the ones that live here

enjoy their lives

in this rare oasis?

This paradise?


Did they fight and squabble,

never to realize,

their lives would mean nothing

when I arrive.


I am fire and death.

Velocity and mass.

I come to void the future,

I hope they enjoyed their past.



HG – 2021

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