Dead Reckoning


Day by day,

running out of blank pages.

Night by night,

watching as the fire rages.

They taught us all about this.

We ignored it,

and now it’s in our peripheral.

Any closer,

and it’s gonna take us over.


No turning back, now.

A choice has been made,

and we’re on a dead reckoning.

It doesn’t matter now,

all that matters is how

we survive the inevtitable.

The curtain comes down,

the chains come out,

and power comes from the end of a gun.


This is an old one.

Standard kind of

slave mentality.

Guilty of wrong-think,

it’s a straight line

from here,

to our new reality.


Begging for answers

to questions now,

just shows you’re behind.

We’re paying attention,

were you,

when they asked you to sign?


Well, here we are,

and here we’re gonna be

for at least a little while.

Our time has come,

you’ll see.

So, break out your best smile.


No point in frowning

and bringing us all down.

We have what we asked for,

don’t go having regrets, now.

As they strap us all into the ride,

remember that we stood in line.

This is our time.



HG – 2020

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