Time Awake


Dissembling in the presence

of so many possibilities.

Waving off the specter

of accomplishment.

Even the hint

of contentment

gets pushed away, forever.

How is it supposed to be?

Does it really happen?


Hear those chosen little whispers,

like they were outside your window.

Asking if they could just come in,

invitation to cross the threshold.

Antithesis of innocence

waits you on your table.

Knowing your fears are realized,

and you’ve become one of them.


All this means

is that your dreams

have been trying to tell you something

since you were a child.

Listening now,

to take hold of the rainbow,

and guide the light

wherever you need.

So much for growing up.

We’re back at the beginning.


Never understood,

or understand,

our constant aggravation.

If one and one is two,

do I have to spell it out?

You are an equation,

solvable with all that you

have been;

everything you’ve ever dreamed of.


The other place is here,

at another time,

that’s why you recognize it.

Do you recognize yourself

in that dream, too?

Do you really know what you are?

If you think,

then are you certain

of what your time awake

is turning you into?



HG – 2020

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