Achieving Flow State


Try not to complicate this.

Don’t do anything

to make this any harder

than it needs to be.

Close your eyes and feel the breathing.

In and out,

your life

in the ebb and flow

of reality.


Then reach out,

step in,

moving with the current.

Watch it bend around you,

in time,

in tune

with every other resonance.


Gliding through

this three dimensional,

add a fourth,

no factor,

you’re describing

spirals in the air,

no care,

for transition through mediums.


Achieving flow state,

nothing abrupt,

all things occurring sequential.

Just drink it in.

Let it suffuse through you

and replace

every desire,

with every

outcome possible.


No longer the ends,

but, part of the means.

Every chemical,

just a figment,

just a fragment

of what exists,



Hold on, my dear.

We’ve only just begun.

Leave who you were

at the doorway,

and take a trip

into someone

you could be.


Just a phase away.

In and through,

and part of everything.

Barriers fade,

as you achieve

your true wavelength.


Just let it be,

and you will see,

the impossible is nothing,

and you are found

in the divinity

of everything.



HG – 2020

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