Wolf Soul


Don’t let the fates dissuade you,

keep a tight rein on your soul.

Never cower,

seeking shelter,

in the midst of the storm.


Never tell the world how high you soar,

let them on know you power

when you smash them from above,

but never fight a war

without love.


It’s more than mere chance;

you have a say

in choices that you make

along the way.


Be bold and be unafraid,

the fearful and the timid

will be made to break,

unless someone can stand

strong in the fray.


Ask the wind

if it fears the mountains.

Ask the mountains

if they fear the sky.

Ask the wolves

if they fear the future,

and if they care

that in time

they will die.


There is a silver moon

up in the night,

and stars that may guide

our journeys.

No answers will ever satisfy

our soul’s yearning.


So, do not fear,

but know you’ll be afraid

when darkness comes.


Light will find a way

to guide you,

until the end of days,

when all the walls shall fade

and we will pass on

beyond the veil.


In the epilogue of our tale,

we will look back,

but shall in death prevail,

standing strong and upright in the gale.



HG – 2020

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