The Lost Art


Traded in our magic

for something that disappeared

so long ago.

A treasure for a trammel,

a mystery for “I don’t know.”

Curiosity excised,

like an irrelevant

relic of our past.

Now, the dark is come

and we are looking

for answers at last.


Too late for some,

we watched their spark

dim to almost dying.

Some did

pass on from here,

without ever finding

the secrets we all seek,

the seam in the curtains

that can be divided,

revealing another world,

not this one

we’re certain to be tied in.


This is all a lie

that seeks to ensnare you.

Curiosity’s a key,

so many have prepared you

to come up to the door,

turn the handle and step through.

You didn’t give up your magic,

it’s still inside of you.



HG – 2020

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