Christmas at Home


It’s getting late

and you are tired.

The day’s been long,

the year’s been hard.

Muscles sore,

and bones been broken,

showing every mile

a scar.


I suppose,

for you,

it’s worth it.

No one would care

if you just quit,

claimed the bitter man’s position,

that this whole world is shit,

and all the people in it.


But you held your ground apace,

and tried your best,

that we both know.

When you wake up in the morning,

trust me, Son,

you will be at home.


For there’s no better place

to heal,

when one’s been out there

all alone,

fighting for what is genuine,

in a world that eats its own.


Let sleep take you

for a little while.

We’ll travel,

quiet in the snow.

When you awake,

you will be safe,

to spend your Christmas

here at home.



HG – 2020

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