A Time of Ice


Ignore the pain,

it has always been.

Don’t shelter long

in the low dominions.

Wind will blow the snow in,


and biting chill,

and we have far to go still.


Pacify the doubt,

for it can drag you down,

and we cannot afford

to be slowed.

We’ve got work ahead,

a testament to Faith,

that we have not given up

in its stead.


December bleeds into January,

and we haven’t even known

real cold, yet.

Striving past our little

chores and annoyances

to face a greater threat.


Pull the clothes on tight

against the chill.

Stoke the fire up

and hunker down.

We know that life’s

coming for the kill,

so times require of us

something profound.


Like the sound of snow

falling in the night,

we await the light,

our final respite,

from this time of ice.



HG – 2020

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