The Pain that Follows


Waking up


hardly a victory,

but really,

the only win

that matters.


I see the look

on your face

as you realize

it’s time

to face it all,



Don’t let your smile fade.

It’s been a long time

since the world

has given you much

to smile about.


You’re alive,

and you’re amazed

you’ve even made it

this far.


Don’t let the days

take you down.

You are stronger

than you know.


How could those thoughts

be in your head?

What bitter lies

have you swallowed?


Maybe you thought

they were a cure

for this life

and the pain that followed?


We’re all

a little insecure,

we buy shares

in our distress.


When you fall

asleep tonight,

there’s a good chance

that you’ll wake up again.


One more chance

to get it right,

to show the world

that you can smile

and be beautiful,

because, you are

an amazing creature.


Waking up


Hardly a huge victory,

but for those of us

who’ve battled ourselves,

it’s the only one

that really matters.


Be strong.

Be loved.

Go to sleep,

and wake.


with all of you

to give

and be received.



HG – 2020

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