Consolation Morning


How much can I give?

I took the morning’s rest,

but didn’t sleep a bit,

so caught up in myself.

If I can’t find my way,

I’ll be here for a year.

Another wasted day,

a lifetime of fear.

I can’t console myself

and you are not here.

I pass the time

asking questions,

but the answers,

I can’t hear.


I keep the lights on,

so you might find a home.

I know you’re out there,

just as I am,

frightened and alone.

So confusing

and so hard


not to lose hope.

Asking me

who you are

seems to leave us both

far away and unknown.

The one thing

that I know,

is that it’s easy to live

if we could just let go.



HG – 2020

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