This is who you thought you were.

This is who you think I am.

The trouble with something

we don’t even understand.

So convinced on the surface,

but deep down,



you’re just so precious.

Only a whisper

in a moment

of a song.

Turns out you were no one

all along.


Someone becoming undone,

a puzzle with no picture,

or shape.

Who am I to be?

I never knew

until I grew

out of childish lies,

like my identity.

Something other

than what I was

and still not done.

I don’t even recognize

the picture

in the mirror.


What’s behind these eyes

is not what I imagined.

We are something

along the lines

of complex

biochemical beings,

touching the metaphysical,

and you think

you know yourself?

Who you are?

Or where you’re going?


It makes me laugh, a lot.

You can’t even decide

where you’re going today,

and you think

you going to manifest reality?

Just calm down

and be.

Set your sights

and see.


will come

and it will become obvious

that who you are

doesn’t really matter.



HG – 2020

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