The Threat of Permanence


Some things you can’t take back,

and some words

can never be forgotten.

There are things we do

that scar the psyche,

marking the fabric of space and time



A calm morning,

struck with an atom bomb.

The blue sky turned to fire

by the betrayal

of a lover.


A cool mountain lake,

panoramic vista,

idyllic for reflection,

becomes a two hundred foot tall

wave of liquid earth,

when the trusted tongue

splits to strike our foundation.


We can smash into our realities like a space rock.

We are doomed.


A pitiful race,

on a backwards world,

but that does not make us monsters.


Every touch,

every word,

every action,

is a choice.

Are we nurturing our world,

or are we stealing from it?

Sure, some sins can be forgiven,

but some things you can’t take back.



HG – 2020

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