The Problem of You


Satisfy my


Only my mind,

let my body die.

I have lain down

amongst angels,

set my heart alight

and descended

back down

far too quickly,

ignoring their warnings.



I cannot help,

but wonder,

who you really are

in there.

Filled a mind

with such potential,

like a figurine

formed of some

very serious putty.


you pack a punch.


Fact is,

I’m not sure

you even notice.

What a peculiar

creature you are.

A problem of

exquisite design,

nothing less

than stars,

and God,

with a voice

in the choir

of all of Creation.


I don’t think

you even know that,


I’m not sure

you’ve received

an education

in your genealogy.

But, I wonder,

enough for two, or three;

Who’s really in there?

How can we know

your true capability?


I see the question

spark in your mind,

as you finally

see the light

and your eyes go wide.

An infinity of questions

to ask,

and just one life.

A spark of the divine.



HG – 2020

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