Living Illuminated


Turning the lights on

was as easy

as flicking a switch.

Now that I can see,

I know what I’ve been missing.

The dark is a terrifying void,

but you know who you are

when the madness comes and goes.


now that I can see,

I’ve never been more confused.

The words on the page

don’t match the ones I hear.

The pictures on the wall

don’t show

what they say they do;

the lie


to the avatar for truth.


I thought there was


in the darkness

and I soaked it in.

It became my skin,

my bones,

my very blood.


I wish I could have been


for this psychosis of colors.

Images on the screen

moving too fast to understand.

The wide open sky,

tall buildings,

lights and sounds,

all seem to be sent

to inflame

and negate

the senses.


One after another,

the faces come on the screen,

telling you

who to love,

how to live,

what to eat,

what to believe.


The darkness is cold,

but it’s true,

and every word a whisper.

Every touch,


lest there be claws,

or teeth to come.

The unknown

makes us careful

of who we trust.


Here in the light,

everyone hides their claws

and shows their teeth,

until it’s too late.


Here I am,

gone from one mad dream

to another.

Not seeking darkness,

I know I’ll return to that,

but here,

my days will be spent

in the sunshine,

trying to keep my soul intact.


HG – 2020

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